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Acquire your own company or buy out your employer.

If you’ve run companies with at least $20M in revenues, we will find capital for you to acquire your own company or buy out your employer. This is a real opportunity to build wealth with other people’s money.

Our firm has relationships with hundreds of equity groups who constantly seek proven executives to back with capital. We’ve raised $714 million of equity capital in support of executives who wanted to acquire companies.

We’ll introduce you to private equity groups who invest in your industry of expertise. We’ll guide you through the process of raising capital and obtain a written capital commitment for you to acquire a company. Your expertise is highly valued by equity groups. Management talent—not money---is the limiting factor for buyout activity.

As a partner with the equity group and leader of the company you acquire, you will earn a competitive salary, bonus and equity. You will be given an equity stake at the outset, and, along with your management team, can eventually own 20-30% of the company you acquire depending on performance.

You may be asked to make a meaningful investment relative to your net worth, regardless of deal size. For example, if the transaction value is $20 million, you are not expected to invest 10% or 5% or any fixed percentage. However, you are normally required to have skin in the game that is based on your ability to invest and meaningful to your net worth.

Your target company must have at least $1M pre-tax net income. The bigger the company the greater will be its attractiveness to equity groups. But, you must have experience running a similar sized company as the one you want to acquire.

If you’d like to learn more, please send your resume or bio along with a summary of your deal idea to:
Len Ruggiero



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