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Much of the intellectual property and intangible assets owned by private companies are ignored or misclassified, thus understating the firms’ true value and limiting their ability to use such assets as collateral for loans.

Intellectual property and intangible assets are increasingly being viewed by the banking and investment communities as more accurately representing the true value of the firm. However, banks are not soliciting loans against intangible assets and many business owners are unaware of the collateral value of intangible assets.

LaMarch Capital provides a comprehensive solution to recognize and value intangible assets and intellectual property. If desired, we will work with the client to restructure their loan portfolio using the newly identified assets as collateral for a new loan or bring in an equity investor who is willing to recognize the value of intangible assets.

We believe many companies with a high percentage of intangible assets can benefit from an intellectual capital audit and a restructuring of their loan portfolio to take advantage of the new non-traditional asset base we

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