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raising capital from private equity groups
  • The private equity community operates "behind the scenes" as owners of many private companies. They actively and continuously seek senior executives to back with capital to acquire companies in which to invest and grow.

  • LaMarch Capital has close working relationships with many private equity groups.  They welcome our introduction of executives who have a buyout, acquisition or consolidation idea and direct industry experience.

  • The size and potential scale of the consolidation opportunity should be such that the equity group can invest a minimum of $20 million, and preferably $100 million or more, in capital.

  • The equity groups will partner with the executive team, provide funding to acquire a platform company, and then help the team grow the business with acquisitions.

  • Executives should expect to make a “meaningful investment” with respect to their personal net worth, regardless of deal size.

  • In conjunction with performance based options, the management team will eventually own as much as 15-20% of the company they acquire.

  • Exit strategies used by equity groups are:  sale of the company to a strategic buyer or another equity group, or a public offering.


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